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Vision & Purpose

A day in the life at Jeremy House
Home serving adult men 18 to 30 in Grand Junction, Colorado. It’s Residents are mentored 24/7 by Staff called House Parents. Through a relationship with their House Parents, young men receive one-on-one mentoring to learn about the Christian way of life. House Parents demonstrate a life surrendered to Christ; Residents “catch” or receive it. Residents are also taught the importance of life skills such as how to interview for a job, balance a checkbook, and more basic life skills such as cooking and housekeeping. Residents at Jeremy House do their own cooking and laundry.
Residents also receive formal training through Bible studies, classes, and other groups led by Volunteer Ministries who come into the Program to teach, train, and equip. Residents regularly attend Church Services and other Community events that teach them about the saving grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. Residents also learn to serve their Community through outreaches and service projects. Through these events, they learn the importance of serving in one’s Christian life. Ample “free time” is allotted each Jeremy House Resident and recreation is an important part of each Resident’s life in the Program. A Resident’s stay at Jeremy House is not based on time, but instead on the appearance of Christian character in their life.
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