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Letter From The Founder

I saw a four-bedroom house. I saw two young men occupying a larger master bedroom. Two other young men occupying two other, smaller bedrooms. One in each. I saw an office in the fourth bedroom where the Administrator/Case Manager have his or her office. In this office, the Administrator is able to interview potential Residents, potential Employees, and have private meetings as is necessary. In this office, he/she is able to conduct day to day business and accounting as is necessary to the running of the Program. I saw a large living room where young men are gathered. Some are talking with one another; others with their House Parents. I saw a double garage that is perhaps heated. It is being used as a rec room. It has perhaps, a pool table, or perhaps a ping pong table. Perhaps air hockey or foosball. A place for recreation and exercise. I saw exercise equipment against one wall. Young men are working out. I saw young men in the living room and kitchen. House parents are giving guidance for cooking and other chores; spiritual guidance; Godly counsel. Intimate and less intimate discussions about what God is doing in the young men’s lives. Teaching. Biblical counsel. I saw strong, everlasting relationships with House parents and Administrator being formed. I saw strong, lasting relationships forming with other Residents. Relationships that will last a lifetime. Ministry isn’t forced. It flows naturally through relationship. The young men are hungry and God is providing relationship and ministry through the House Parents and Administrator. Other ministries are coming in at appointed times to provide formal teaching and lead groups. The young men are learning about life; about God; about His will for their lives; about the Bible; and about the Gospel. They are also learning about character, learning functional life skills. How to balance a checkbook; how to dress for a job interview; how to do a resume; even how to properly fill out an application. They are learning how to care for themselves and do housekeeping. How to take responsibility. They are learning how to form lasting, meaningful, functional relationships. They are being set up for successful Christian living. Marriage; raising a family; a life that glorifies God. A life that is in keeping with HIS plan for their lives. Successful family relationships. And they are having fun doing it! The young men are learning to serve their Church; and to serve other Christian Ministries in the Community. Sharefest. Cleaning the church building. Grounds and maintenance in the Church and at home. How to have a nice lawn. Practical training some may never have had at home growing up. I saw them going to Church on Sunday morning and to other Community Church events. I saw them receiving and giving as the Lord wills. I saw outings and game night. Relational fun and adventure! Hiking; camping. These young men are learning how to do life at its fullest. They are finding out what God has for them in life; His Ministry for them. Some didn’t know the Lord when they entered Jeremy House. All are being discipled. For those who did not know the Lord when they came in, Salvation will be a result of discipling. As they learn God’s will for their lives, they naturally will want to surrender to Him and to His will for their lives. These young men will transition out of Jeremy House at the proper time. God will show them; and us when the time is right. Some will go on to live successful lives in the Kingdom, raising families, entering chosen vocations and taking their places in Society. Some will be called to formal Ministries. All will live a life that is surrendered to Christ and His plan for their lives. I saw Jeremy House growing at the proper time. God’s appointed time. A bigger building or more buildings will be required. I saw a girls Discipleship Home forming later. I saw the Jeremy House model in other cities and towns. Perhaps statewide. Perhaps Nationwide. Even Worldwide. Our hope is to surrender to God’s will. Everything else will take care of itself. Our God is BIG! And we must surrender to a big God. His will. His way.

Vic Stinemetze

Executive Director/Founder

Jeremy House, Inc.
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